#Trumpwashing: The Column I Wish Everyone Who Cares About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Would Read

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For five years, I have been proud to work as the editor of www.awiderbridge.org. In that time, we have published many opinion pieces representing a wide range of views, but never one written by me. Until now. As I step down from my role, I want to offer my views on some of the issues […]

AWB’s Laurie Grauer: “Why Was I Kicked Out of the Dyke March?”

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The Chicago Dyke March Preaches Inclusion. So Why Was I Kicked Out for Carrying a Jewish Pride Flag? Originally posted in Ha’aretz http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/1.797845 “You have to leave because you are making people feel unsafe. You are putting them in danger by being here.” I was told this by Chicago’s Dyke Collective organizers, volunteers, and even […]

PRESS RELEASE: LGBTQ Jews Dismissed from Chicago Dyke March

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A WIDER BRIDGE CONDEMNS THE EXCLUSION OF LGBTQ JEWS AND ALLIES FROM THE CHICAGO DYKE MARCH We are deeply disturbed by the exclusion of A Wider Bridge Midwest Manager Laurie Grauer and her friends from the Chicago Dyke March, an annual event attended by 1,500 queer women and allies in Chicago. Laurie was proud to […]