Eilat Court Grants Parenting Order to a Lesbian Couple Who is Separated

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A precedent-setting ruling was handed down today at the Family Court in Eilat, regarding parenting orders for lesbian couples. Lior and Michal, two women who brought together two children to the world and then broke up, can now legally become mothers of the children even though they do not live together anymore. Each of the […]

Same-sex Adoption? Still a No-go in Israel

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Haim Abraham, an attorney and doctoral student in law at the University of Toronto, says that there’s no reason to celebrate: The Social Affairs Ministry’s ‘new’ position on this issue is ‘Yes, but’ – the same old ‘No’ in disguise The social networks of Israel’s LGBT community celebrated a victory last week when the Labor, Social […]

The American Jewish Community Supports Adoption Equality in Israel

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Nearly 200 Jewish Community Leaders from across America have signed a public letter organized by A Wider Bridge supporting same-sex adoption in Israel. Same Sex Adoption will Strengthen Israeli Society In response to the growing controversy in Israel regarding adoption by same-sex couples, A Wider Bridge has organized the attached public letter. We are proud that […]

Thousands Protest For Equality in Tel Aviv Over Gay Adoption

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Thousands of people participate in LGBT demonstration against state’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples. ‘We will go out into the streets and disrupt everyday life until there is full equality for LGBT families in Israel,’ said LGBT Task Force CEO. UPDATE: Ten protesters were arrested for questioning during a demonstration that took place on […]

Israel, play fair with LGBT families!

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Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, spiritual leader of Temple Solel in Florida, says that preventing same-sex couples from adopting is not fitting behavior for Jews, and that Israel “shoots itslef in the foot.” The latest move by the Israeli government really surprised me. I am referring to the recent decision that continues and underscores the Israeli government’s opposition […]

Israel’s Opposition to Adoption by Same-sex Couples Proves: The State Lags Behind Society

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The Israeli public is largely sympathetic toward the LGBT community. The state’s opposition to same-sex couples adopting is simply disconnected from reality One of the encouraging developments in Israeli public discourse – and there aren’t too many – is the relatively favorable attitude toward same-sex couples and LGBT families. Such families and their children are […]

Following Their Father’s Coming Out, Twin Girls Adopt Father’s Boyfriend’s Surname

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Contrary to the position of the state, Judge Iris Arbel-Assel of the Family Court in Tel Aviv ruled to allow 16-year-old twin girls to legally add their father’s boyfriend’s last name. Following their father’s coming out as gay and their parents’ divorce, the girls already had two last names; The state strongly opposed adding a […]