Gal Uchovsky: “Kevin Spacey Forced the World to Allow Him to Lie”

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Gay Israeli media personality and activist Gal Uchovsky writes about Kevin Spacey’s shameful coming out after the story of actor Anthony Rapp was revealed. Kevin Spacey is a wonderful actor. Really. There are very few actors in the world with his abilities. His Oscar role in American Beauty, and of course his presidential role in House of […]

What Would You Do?

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What would you do if your little girl wanted to be a boy? Gal Uchovsky salutes Israeli mother who spoke proudly in the Knesset about her transgender child. Ryland Whittington, transgender boy from San Diego, 7 years old. Here’s the thing: Our friends who’ve lived for years in the United States, have a beautiful son […]

Political Correctness is Good

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Gal Uchovsky says that sometimes it’s better to shut up then to say things that can hurt other people. This is why being politically correct is a good thing. So what did we have this week? Let’s summarize: 1. An advertisement in “Be’emunah” (”In Faith”) featuring a religious residential neighborhood, without primitive Mizrahi Jews. 2. […]