Congrats Netta!

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Israel has just won the Eurovision song contest for the first time in two decades Saturday as singer Netta Barzilai clucked her way to the tops of the international song contest with women’s #MeToo empowerment anthem “Toy.” Backed up by three dancers, her trademark side buns featuring stripes of pink dyed hair to match her […]

Viva la diva! How Dana International Made Trans Identity Mainstream

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The Eurovision Song Contest final is this upcoming Saturday and Israel’s Netta Barzilai is a strong contender with “Toy.” Twenty years ago, Israeli singer Dana International cemented Eurovision as a celebratory space for LGBTQ people everywhere with her winning song Diva. But, she admits, she didn’t believe in the song when she first heard it. […]

International Ambassador: Dana Reflects on Representing Israel as a Cultural Icon

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Walla! News suggests Dana International for the role of the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs. In a festive video interview for Israel’s 70th Independence Day last week, veteran journalist Sagi Bin-Nun set down with Dana to reflect on 20 years since her grand Eurovision win with the song Diva. Since then, she has represented the […]

Remembering Beloved Singer Ofra Haza Who Would Have Turned 60 Today

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I remember first hearing Israeli singer Ofra Haza’s music in the late 80s. I was a college DJ in Montreal, and her “Im Nin’Alu” remix had just broken through internationally. Though Ofra was famous in Israel, she was new to me in Canada. I couldn’t stop listening to the song, a perfect blend of Yemenite-Israeli […]