Israel’s Supreme Court President Slams Anti-Gay Surrogacy Law

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Israel’s Supreme Court President Esther Hayut criticized the state’s position on surrogacy for gay fathers and said that the solutions that apply to women should also apply to men. “This could be blatantly unconstitutional,” she said in a hearing on a petition filed by  Etai and Yoav Pinkas-Arad that calls to amend Israel’s surrogacy law in […]

‘Death to LGBT’ Scrawled on Tel Aviv Holocaust Memorial

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The words “Death to LGBT” were found scrawled on a monument in Tel Aviv that commemorates members of the community who were persecuted by the Nazi regime for their sexual orientation and gender identity. Passersby discovered the graffiti on Thursday, October 25, 2018, at the monument in Meir Park where the LGBTQ community center is […]

Israel’s Top Court Says Same-sex Surrogacy Law Discriminatory, but Defers Ruling

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The High Court of Justice was set to issue its ruling Thursday morning on a petition demanding Israel permit single people and same-sex couples to arrange surrogate births in Israel. The ruling, however, was postponed by six months to allow lawmakers to follow through with new legislation that might render the petition obsolete, justices said. […]

What I Learned Talking Sexual Identity With Orthodox Educators

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Gay Tel Aviv Council member Etai Pinkas was asked to speak about sexual identity at a formally organized conference of the Ministry of Education’s national religious education department. For too many years, the LGBT movement in Israel and the Orthodox religious institutions were considered to be rivals in a battle over the nature of the […]

LGBT Conference in the State Religious Schools

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About 50 yeshiva and ulpana principals from the State-Religious school system in Israel attend a conference that deals with issues related to the gay community. Pinkas-Arad opned the event (Photo: Reuven Kopitchinski) The State-Religious education division in the Education Ministry held a first of its kind seminar on Wednesday for principals of yeshivas and ulpanot […]

Supreme Court Decision Makes Shabbat Accessible for All

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Etai Pinkas, a prominent Israeli gay activist and city council member in the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, writes about the Supreme Court decision to enable the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality to implement its council decision to allow commerce during Shabbat The combination of these two words -– Shabbat and politics — has always stimulated toxic social turmoil […]

Pinkas—an example of inspirational activism

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Peri Feldstein, a student at Washington University who coordinated the event with Israeli gay rights champion Etai Pinkas, answers “pinkwashing” claims by Israel-haters. Etai Pinkas, a renowned champion of human rights and social justice, visited our campus this past week to share his experiences as an Israeli environmentalist and LGBTQIA* activist. Etai spoke to over 100 […]