Sex Change in One Click

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Great news for the trans community in Israel! The Ministry of Health announced that as of yesterday (Wednesday) people can send a sex change form to be filled in by a doctor at the touch of a button. MK Merav Ben-Ari and Executive Director Maavarim, Elisha Alexander, at the final State Control Committee meeting The […]

Building a Bridge to the Israeli Trans Community

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Elisha Alexander, Executive Director of Ma’avarim, the transgender Israeli organization, just finished a successful round of talks in the United States with three of the organization’s teen members. In an exclusive for A Wider Bridge, Elisha reflects on the group’s U.S. visit. Ma’avarim in Los Angeles Ma’avarim in San Francisco Ma’avarim in South Florida Ma’avarim […]

Ma’avarim in South Florida: Powerful Collaborations for Creating Change

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The LGBTQ organizations in South Florida that met with the Ma’avarim delegation are already exploring the possibility of future ventures with Ma’avarim, the Israeli transgender organization. Ma’avarim finishes its U.S. talks tour tomorrow in Los Angeles. A Wider Bridge and Ma’avarim delegation with activists from Survivors Pathway The transgender activists from Maavarim are finishing a […]

A Wider Bridge to Israeli Transgender Teens

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Newspaper Miami Herald covered the South Florida visit of Executive Director of Ma’avarim, Elisha Alexander, and the Israeli transgender teen activists: “Ma’avarim, as well as other trans organizations around the world must work together, tell our stories and explain the importance of our work.” Ma’avarim in Miami meeting leaders of Survivors Pathway, an LGBTQ non-profit that […]

New Scholarship Program for Transgender People

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A precedent scholarship program, initiated by transgender organization Ma’avarim and partially funded by Microsoft Israel, includes providing an opportunity for academic studies to the transgender community. The goal: integration of more transgender people into the labor market. The entrepreneur of the programs as said: “This is not a compromise, these are the kind of people […]

Maavarim Seeks New Volunteers

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“Brochot Haba’im” (‘Welcome’) is an accessibility service of the information about the organization “Maavarim – sustainable change in the trans community.” The service is designed to help the trans community and bridge the gap between that community in Israel and the state institutions and services available to the public. For months, organization Maavarim has worked […]

Tel Aviv ER Staff Educated in Transgender Patients

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The Emergency Room staff of the Sourasky Medical Center, the main hospital serving Tel Aviv, were educated this week about sensitivities and attention towards transgender patients. Following a report that was received at the Aguda’s Nir Katz Center for Fighting LGBTphobia on an inappropriate treatment of a transgender man in Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center, […]