Why Watching American TV at Christmas Sucks

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It’s not that she’s Jewish, but lesbian British blogger Eleanor Margolis is spending this week in New York and can’t stand American TV at Christmas time. Enough, ENOUGH,” I say, striding into the middle of the living room and, with an almost athletic flourish, gesturing to my parents with my arms as well as my words that […]

What’s Wrong with “Questioning”?

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Lesbian Jewish blogger Eleanor Margolis writes about he curse of ‘heteroflexible:’ beware all people who say they “dabble.” I used to love getting messages on OkCupid. The dumb optimism of my early twenties made everything that showed up in my inbox a potential love letter from a Gillian Anderson lookalike who lives on a cat […]

Disasters are a well-known aphrodisiac

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In a very cute post-elections post, Brit Jewish lesbian Blogger Eleanor Margolis writes about dating-apps hookups during UK’s Election Weekend. There’s something I call the Sunday Evening Sadness Rush. Not particularly catchy, I’ll admit. In fact, feel free to help me think of another name for that influx of messages, on online dating sites, as […]

Recruiting Women to Lesbian Cause

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Extremely cute: Eleanor Margolis cynically thinks that since lesbianism has become “fashionable,” and many straight women are ‘experimenting,’ we should be accepting “applications”. Once upon a time, lesbians recruited. In the days of the Greenham Common peace camp and dungarees worn without a soupçon of irony, I didn’t exist – but, being an amateur lesbian historian, […]