Israeli Supreme Court Rejects Petition to Recognize Same Sex Marriage

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Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected on Thursday a petition by the Israeli LGBT Association to recognize same-sex marriage. Justices Elyakim Rubinstein (former deputy to the president), Neal Hendel and Anat Baron rejected the claim made in the petition that according to interpretations of the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, same-sex marriage should be […]

Following Their Father’s Coming Out, Twin Girls Adopt Father’s Boyfriend’s Surname

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Contrary to the position of the state, Judge Iris Arbel-Assel of the Family Court in Tel Aviv ruled to allow 16-year-old twin girls to legally add their father’s boyfriend’s last name. Following their father’s coming out as gay and their parents’ divorce, the girls already had two last names; The state strongly opposed adding a […]

Population and Migration Authority Finally Register A Baby of Transgender Father

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The Israeli Population and Migration Authority changed transgender father’s sex on ID card back to female without his consent, following the birth of his son. Now the state acknowledges that both of the newborn parents are fathers, but refuses to give a birth certificates that indicates it. Yonatan and Daniel with attorney Daniella Yaakobi A […]

A Collision of Legal Rights

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Transgender ultra-Orthodox case reveals painful clash of minority communities; Judge makes clear his struggle and regret in ruling that transgender woman cannot see children for fear they will be ostracized It was a “collision of two unconnecting worlds”, said the judge. One was the isolated, closed environment of ultra-Orthodox Jews; and the other, the painful, […]

Equality in Israeli Citizenship!

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Pathway to Israeli citizenship to be same for gay and heterosexual couples: Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit made the announcement in response to a court petition by the Gay Father’s Association, which welcomed the new policy. Udi Ledergor, chair of Israeli Gay Fathers organization and attorney Iris Sheinfeld Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced on Thursday that […]