LGBTQ clergy tackle tough issues ahead of Trump presidency

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Transgender rights. Same-sex marriage. Federal protections against discrimination. In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, some of the hard won rights and protections that the LGBTQ community have gained in recent years are once again in the national spotlight. President-elect Trump has appointed several members to top government posts that have supported so-called religious freedom […]

Transgender bathroom issue: a solution?

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When it comes to transgender people’s rights, Americans have considered the countless difficulties — from religious to legal and beyond — and focused on a commonplace issue: Which bathroom should such individuals use? The bathroom, and more specifically the public restroom, is where the rights of transgender people come into close proximity with the privacy […]

CNN Anchor Talks to Hate Group

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CNN’s Carol Costello picked up on the issue of religious right groups trying to kill anti-bullying programs in schools because, they say, anti-bullying programs are secret programs to recruit kids into “the gay lifestyle.” Carol did an incredible job shutting down the spokesman for the hate group (The AFA representative, Mr. Fischer) during her show. […]