A Wider Bridge Referenced in Top Stories to Watch in 2018

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In June, AWB’s Midwest Manager, Laurie Grauer along with two other women, were expelled from the Chicago Dyke March for carrying Jewish Pride Flags.  The Dyke March story is mentioned as part of prediction that intersectionality will be big in 2018. Intersectionality, perhaps more than any other facing the Jewish community, has the potential to isolate pro-Israel […]

Journalist Mark Stern on the Chicago Dyke March Fiasco and Creeping Anti-Semitism

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“There is no reason why LGBTQ people and their allies cannot be proudly Jewish and proudly Zionist. ” Journalist Mark Stern who writes for Slate, will be moderating the panel this Thursday for the LGBTQNZ Pride, Zionism, and Inclusivity in New York. Below, he talks about his reactions to the Dyke March fiasco and creeping […]

Why Do White Supremacists Hate Jews? Because We Can Fight Them

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Danya Ruttenberg, a rabbi-in-residence at Avodah, a Jewish service corps, says that a shift from relative peace for Jews in America to something else can happen so quickly. Particularly in recent years, there has rightfully been increased talk about the ways in which many Ashkenazi Jews in America do have white privilege. Anti-Semitism is again […]

Brave Conversations: Steps to Create Positive Change in Our Political Discourse and Social Justice Initiatives

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Following the Chicago Dyke March incident in June, the staff of A Wider Bridge embarked on a dialogue tour, answered questions and engaged in conversations with leaders from dozens of LGBTQ and Jewish organizations and communities. Midwest Manager Laurie Grauer describes one of the dialogue groups that took place in Chicago. “I invite you to […]

“I Don’t Feel Safe in My Transgender Community Because I’m Jewish”

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At a time when film critic and activist Danielle Solzman doesn’t feel all that included in the Chicago Orthodox community because she’s transgender, she also feels she doesn’t really have a place in the Chicago transgender community because she’s Jewish. I don’t feel welcome in the Chicago transgender community. It’s not a safe space for […]

SlutWalk Chicago Backtracks, Will Allow Zionist Symbols at Event

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The organizers of Chicago’s annual SlutWalk announced that Zionist symbols would be allowed at the August 12 event, overturning an earlier decision which barred participants from carrying any such religious signs. The “Slut Walk” in Tel Aviv, 2017 Speaking to Haaretz, one of the event’s organizers, Red, said the event would be open to anyone […]

This Transgender Jew is Tired of the Anti-Semitism in the LGBTI Community

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“We do not rule the world. We do not eat babies. We do not sacrifice virgins. We do not run the media. We are real, live human beings:” Ariel Lipson, a 20-year-old queer trans man from Seattle has been experiencing anti-semitism since entering high school After the Chicago Dyke March fiasco, where three Jewish lesbians carrying a […]

A Zionist Jew’s Guidelines for the LGBT Community

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Yoav Sivan, a journalist and member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps of the World Jewish Congress, gives guidelines to activists in the LGBT community who want to keep the all-important value of inclusiveness. When a strong majority of Americans support LGBT equality, it takes a lot for a pride parade in any American city to […]