Daughter of the Haredi MK Who Resigned for Attending Gay Wedding: “I’m Proud of Him”

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Racheli Gueta, daughter of Haredi MK Yigal Guata, who was forced to resign after attending his gay nephew’s wedding, wrote a note in support of her father, revealing that Yigal’s support of his family’s happiness has been an issue for his colleagues for a while. “At the moment I have only one thing to say,” […]

Israeli Ministry Submits Reversal to Gay Couples Adoption Opposition

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Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs has reversed its opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Haim Katz, Welfare and Social Services Minister of Israel (photo: Eyal Yitzhar) Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Tuesday evening that the Ministry of Welfare, at the request of Minister Haim Katz, said there is no problem in principle […]

Israel’s government opposes adoption by same-sex couples, so gay celebrities are speaking out

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Led by some gay celebrities, Israel’s LGBT community and its allies have launched a campaign against the government’s declared position, earning widespread public support. The Israeli media have been filled with criticism of the country’s right-wing leadership alongside accounts of loving same-sex parenting. Singer Ohad Hitman and his family. On Sunday, the government came out […]

Chechen Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Shared His Story on Israeli News

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Sasha, a gay Chechen man who managed to escape after 11 days inside one of Chechnya’s three gay concentration camps shared with Israeli National News details of the atrocities being committed under the international community’s nose. Sasha, a survivor of a Chechen concentration camp for gay men, revealed to Channel 2 News what is happening […]