Jewish students are being told what is and isn’t anti-Semitic

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Rob Young, Vice President (Society and Citizenship) at UK’s National Union of Students, thinks that there a lot of similarity between Jewish people talking about their oppression and how it was being ignored with a deafening silence, and the opression he felt growing up as a gay boy. I got involved with political campaigning at […]

America Commits Suicide

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Transgender activist Dana Beyer writes a very pessimistic post-election column, saying that his election changes everything; the alt-Reich won. Beyer says that the response needs to be to respond in kind: “One doesn’t defeat a group of bullies with fine words or ‘going high.’” Yesterday America committed suicide. The idea of America, about which I […]

British Gay Jewish Man Delivers Emotional Advice For Bullied LGBT Pupils

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Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin told HuffPost UK about growing up gay and attending a Jewish school. Britain’s leading event ‘Education For All’ conference, held to promote better legislation and awareness of LGBT bullying. Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin was also at the event. “I went to a Jewish school and homosexuality was just not talked about, […]

Israel Only Mideast Country to Join UN Battle Against Homophobic Bullying in School

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Accord signed by Education Minister Naftali Bennett states Israel’s commitment to fighting discrimination, violence against LGBT community, including bullying in schools; Teachers to be trained to address bullying over sexual orientation, gender identity Carmel Shama Hacohen, Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Israel was the only Middle Eastern country to sign on to a UNESCO initiative designed […]