What LGBT Identity Briefing Means to Me: AKA – Hang a flag, You Will Be Asked Questions

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Does a man who identifies as bisexual but is living with a woman considered part of the LGBT community? Lesbian Israeli activist Rotem Baruchin encountered a case of biphobia at her work place and writes about the importance of LGBT identity briefing: “when we hung flags, whether we want it or not, we invite comments, […]

Journalist Mark Stern on the Chicago Dyke March Fiasco and Creeping Anti-Semitism

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“There is no reason why LGBTQ people and their allies cannot be proudly Jewish and proudly Zionist. ” Journalist Mark Stern who writes for Slate, will be moderating the panel this Thursday for the LGBTQNZ Pride, Zionism, and Inclusivity in New York. Below, he talks about his reactions to the Dyke March fiasco and creeping […]

Conference for Israel’s LGBT Religious Communities

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Building upon the theme of this year’s Jerusalem Gay Pride which focused on the coexistence of religion and LGBT, members of Israel’s LGBTQ religious communities held an “Erev K’helah” conference on Sunday, October 8 to discuss LGBTQ relationships, marriage and family within the orthodox community. The conference, sponsored by the Schusterman Foundation, was well attended […]

TLV Fest’s 1st Drag Competition Winner: Asis D’Orange is Looking for Boundaries to Break

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She doesn’t run away from politics, she goes with her queerness to the extreme and constantly looking for the rejected. Aviv Shalem (AKA Asis D’Orange) in a first interview post winning the Israeli drag queen competition, about the new generation of drag queens. A day after winning the first drag competition of TLV Fest three […]

Making Aliyah with Pride

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Some LGBT olim find Israel ‘more accepting’ than New Jersey LGBT Olim booth at Tel Aviv Pride Among the information booths set up at Tel Aviv’s Meir Park, where the parade began, was one for the LGBT olim, a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered immigrants to Israel, and one for English speakers who […]