Gay son and his mother speak at Tiberias pride about LGBTQ Acceptance

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Avichai Abarbanel, CEO of Havruta (Israel’s Religious Org for Gay Men), and his mom Hadassa Abarbanel speak about love and acceptance at this year’s Tiberias pride. “I’m here because I believe my family is real, that Avichai’s family and the one he will have is real. I’m here because I’m refusing to accept anyone cursing and harming my […]

“If [some Rabbis] argue that freedom of expression is terrorism – then I ‘m a terrorist!”

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Avichai Abarbanel, head of Havruta-organization for religious gay men- spoke at a Pride event that was held in the city of Lod minutes after 200 Israeli rabbis signed an open letter that blasts organizations fighting for LGBT rights and labels their conduct “aggressive terrorism.” Watch video (Facebook) My name is Avichai Abarbanel. I have been […]

A Wider Bridge Helps Fund LGBT Orthodox Shabbat Weekend Near Haifa

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This weekend, April 27-28, members of Israel’s LGBT religious Jewish communities will gather on a beachfront near Haifa for the annual Kehila Dati Shabbaton (religious community shabbat weekend). Funds from an AWB Impact Grant will help provide scholarships and cover general event costs. Co-organizer Zehorit Sorek (far right) with her wife Limor and daughter Ariel […]

The Complete LGBT “Watchlist”

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As Thanksgiving approaches, and with it a long weekend, A Wider Bridge has found the best way to pass the time at home: Watch LGBT-themed movies. A volunteer at IGY, Avichai Abarbanel, has for years been building an archive of every LGBT related movie possible, and has kept them as a list on IMDB, the […]