Synagogues Now Creating ‘Safe Spaces’ For Transgender Congregants

The Rabbinical Assembly encourages all synagogues and programs affiliated with the conservative movement to educate congregants about the needs of transgender people — including  using a person’s preferred name and pronoun. The synagogues were told to create “inclusive environments” and “safe spaces,” as well as “evaluate their physical site needs, workplace needs, and language that impact gender and gender expression.”

Rabbi Zeff smallRabbi Adam Zeff (in the photo), of the Germantown Jewish Centre located in Philadelphia, has been very supportive of the resolution.

“Germantown Jewish Centre has been at the forefront of welcoming LGBTQ families and individuals into our congregation as active and valued members. Several years ago we had several trans members who went through transition while members of the synagogue, and there was an incredible level of acceptance, support, and celebration as these people courageously lived their true selves as members of the congregation,” Zeff told TheDCNF.

Germantown Jewish Centre also implemented a gender neutral bathroom for transgender members, Zeff said. And many congregants put themselves through an “audit” to make sure they were being as inclusive as possible to the transgender people and their families.

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