Support LGBT Rights in Israel!

IRAC received a tremendous honor last Thursday: We were invited to carry the lead banner at the Jerusalem Pride march.

The Jerusalem Pride march, while smaller than the one in Tel Aviv, is considered to be the most important one in the country. It is here, in Jerusalem, that we have been fighting for equality for Israel’s LGBT community for many years with some impressive successes.

IRAC is the premier civil rights organization in Israel fighting for equality in marriage. We were able to successfully win funding for the Jerusalem Open House, which is the city’s LGBT community center. We were able to convince the city to hang gay pride flags on the day of the march, and fought for freedom of speech and equality as the LGBT community was denied the permits to march in the streets of Jerusalem. We have also represented numerous individuals who have been discriminated against for their sexual orientation as part of our commitment to progressive Jewish values.

One of the major cases we are working on now involves a lesbian Israeli folk-dance instructor in Jerusalem. Her classes were very popular among religious women because she taught several classes that were for women only. Unfortunately, one rabbi decided that her classes were a danger to his flock.

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