Support for Same-Sex Unions in Israel Soars

Support for gay civil unions or marriage has sharply risen among Israelis to a strong majority over the past year, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

Moshe and Idan got married this week in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Facebook)

According to the poll, conducted by the Israeli civil equality advocacy group Hiddush, 76 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative to the question: “In your opinion, should civil marriage/civil partnerships be available for same-sex couples?”

The poll, which was conducted via telephone on May 24-25 among 500 people, surveyed the Israeli public across religious and political lines.

Across the religious spectrum, the group most supportive of same-sex marriage or civil unions in Israel according to the poll is the secular Jewish public (90%), followed by traditional Jews (77%). Nearly half (46%) of national religious and 16% of ultra-Orthodox Jews support civil unions or same-sex marriage.

The poll also found that 74% of respondents from the former Soviet Union, a population that is considered very conservative on LGBT rights, supported same-sex marriage or civil unions, just below the 76% average support of native Israelis.

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