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Stories from the Shteibl

Friday, February 1st, 7:30 PM Friday night Drash at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, 290 Dolores St., San Francisco

Rabbi Steve Greenberg, author of Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition will share the past ten years of transformation in the Orthodox LGBT community.  We will hear how the “frum” world is changing along with a sense of which texts and which conversations have mattered most.

Sponsored by A Wider Bridge and Congregation Sha’ar Zahav.

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Rabbi Steve Greenberg, co-director of Eshel, an organization dedicated to the integration of LGBT Orthodox Jews into their families and communities, is the author of the acclaimed book: “Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition” which received the Koret Jewish Book Award for Philosophy and Thought in 2005.


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