State of Israel Couldn’t Care Less About Gays

The state’s objection to same-sex adoptions comes as no surprise. As part of the animosity and discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians in Israel, it reveals the simple truth: The state can’t stand the idea of gay people having a family in Israel.

The state’s shameful response to the High Court of Justice on adoption by same-sex couples comes as no surprise. Granted, the state didn’t force gay people to walk around with a pink badge, didn’t say that gay people stink and didn’t advance legislation denying gay people’s parental rights.

But in its deposition to the court, backed by no professional argumentation or research, the state clarified its objection to same-sex families is simply based on… an opinion. A fundamental, unexplained, “ideological” opinion. It’s called homophobia.

It’s true that homosexuals and lesbians are not the only sector the state couldn’t care less about. But while the state couldn’t care less about Holocaust survivors, for example, or disabled or elderly people, for budgetary reasons—in this case, it has been clarified the deciding factor is taste. Gay people are not the state’s cup of tea.

It’s called darkness and ignorance.

Absurdly, this is actually a good deposition. Because it’s so groundless, there’s a chance the state will be intimidated by itself and by the public buzz. Let’s just hope the buzz intensifies and furthers a change, maybe even a legislative one. Continue reading on Ynet