The Rabbi Plays Basketball!

It was not just another day at the office for Rabbi Eleanor Steinman, who decided to cheer on the elementary school basketball team- and ended up playing with them


One of the many parts of being a rabbi that I love is that no two days are alike. Take yesterday, for example. I knew the elementary school basketball team had a 3:30 game scheduled and thought it would be nice to cheer them on (and stand outside and get out of my office). I made my way over the parking lot where basketball is played as the students were warming up for the game. Fast forward about ten minutes and it turns out the other team was not going to show. A forfeit. Go BHDS Bears!

It was somehow quickly determined that myself, the BHDS principal, a parent and the coach would join in since the referee was there and we would divide the adults and students and have a pickup game.

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