Sichi Gilad (Photographer)

Sichi Gilad, born in 1968, completed her photography studies at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts in 1997. She has presented numerous exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at Camera Obscura in 2000. She is currently also working as a photojournalist.

“My camera reflects my view, shows life from the perspective of external and internal alike, “says Gilad,who concentrates on women’s perspectives in varied ways in her work, emphasizing the qualities of femininity and the special relationship which develops between women. She also deals with the power of women – when they are isolated, and as a group .

In part of her work Gilad takes everyday reality, and breaks the continuity of the normative with external representations. Nude, surprising movement, particular photo angle, a plurality of movements and activities, reflected into a statement. In another part, she presents her statement symbolically, using graphic representations,  positioning and unique composition.

Gilad, who’s an out lesbian and often talks at LGBT (especially women’s) conventions,  freezes moments of femininity within the group, and converts daily activities that are often times associated with masculinity and manhood, and features them with a female. These moments almost seem spontaneous, but actually are well staged under the hands of Gilad.