SFJFF: Those People

A Wider Bridge is a proud Community Partner at the 35th anniversary San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.  Among the films we are co-sponsoring is the new adorable gay romance movie “Those People”

Sunday, July 26, 8:30PM | California, 2113 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
Sunday, August 2, 8:40PM | Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street at Market, San Francisco, CA

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Those People (Joey Kuhn; USA; English; Narrative; 89 minutes)

The lives, loves, scandals and fixations of a tight-knit group of young members of Manhattan’s social elite are dissected with humor and compassion in this sexy drama from first-time feature director Joey Kuhn. At the center of the story is Charlie Kinberg, a struggling young artist in Manhattan, who is crushing—big-time and unrequitedly—on his longtime best friend Sebastian Blackworth, the beautiful, self-centered son of a recently jailed Wall Street swindler. Convinced that Sebastian should not be judged for the sins of his father, the pining Charlie answers Sebastian’s every call—even when the call comes in the middle of Rosh Hashanah services. But when Charlie casts his own spell on a handsome, gentle musician, Sebastian shows signs of jealousy over Charlie for the first time, and a complicated emotional triangle takes shape.

Naming his characters Sebastian and Charles (an artist no less), director/writer Kuhn not only pays homage to the sexual politics of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited but also shares Waugh’s keen interest in observing the rituals and mating dances of social aristocracy, showing a remarkable degree of affection for the foibles of Upper East Side rich kids. Those People may be set in the post–prep school world of Social Register privilege, but inside beats a unique, generous, gay, Jewish heart.

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, runs July 23 – August 9 in San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Rafael. For ticket information, please contact the box office at 415.621.0523 or visit the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival online at www.sfjff.org