SFJFF Introduces AWB as a Community Partner‏

The Jewish Film Institute presents The 35th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (SFJFF), running July 23 through August 9 has announced that A Wider Bridge has become a Community Partner.

During the course of the film festival, A Wider Bridge will co-present five movies that are related to the diversity of Israel.


“Community Partners play a vital role at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and at all year-round events of the Jewish Film Institute,” explains Nate Gellman, coordinator of SFJFF, “through outreach and advocacy of SFJFF events to their own varied networks, they ensure that our programs are seen by the most diverse, engaged audience possible. SFJFF would not be the diverse, discussion-driven, passionate Festival it is know the world over as without the support of our valued Community Partners who make sure our programs find their best audiences.”

“A Wider Bridge is a cornerstone organization of the Jewish and LGBTQ communities in San Francisco, one which works tirelessly to forge connections between Israeli and LGBTQ communities in North America,” adds Gellman. “SFJFF programs and films often deal with issues at the center of interest to these communities and more, which is why we invite A Wider Bridge to return as a SFJFF Community Partner year after year.”

The five films that are co-presented by A Wider Bridge this year are “Probation Time,” a documentary by Avigail Sperber, who’s also a very good friend and supporter of A Wider Bridge the gay romance movie “Those People,” “The Zionist Idea” that presents a fresh examination of the history of Israel, “Rock in the Red Zone”-
a documentary on the bomb shelters in Sderot during the Hamas’ attack on Israel, and “East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem” that presents the optimism of legendary Israeli singer/songwriter David Broza.

“A Wider Bridge works at the intersection of LGBT equality and Israel advocacy, and each of these films moves one or both of those conversations forward in a thoughtful and nuanced way,” Arthur Slepian, Executive Director of A Wider Bridge explains the choice of movies. “We are very honored to be a community partner in this year’s festival.”

The 35th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival takes place July 24 to August 10 at venues in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Palo Alto and San Rafael. To purchase tickets, and for further information on the films, visit www.sfjff.org or call 415.621.0523.