“Scissr,” a Lesbian Web Series

A compelling new web series, which follows the experiences of a fictional group of lesbians living in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently released its pilot episode. Series creator Lauren Augarten plays Aviva, a newly out Jewish Lesbian who looks for a way to find other lesbians.

Following the experiences of four twenty-something women who meet through an iPhone app, “SCISSR” chronicles their ensuing romantic entanglements. All four women are at very different places in their lives, ranging from freshly out of the closet to post-traumatic break-up.

“When I realized I was a lesbian at 24 I soaked up all the lesbian shows I could find, but there weren’t many available and I didn’t feel like they really reflected the community I was discovering,” series creator Lauren Augarten said in a statement. “With ‘Scissr’ I set out to create something that I could relate to as a 20-something lesbian in the beautiful cesspool of struggle that is Brooklyn, NY.”

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