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Sandra Bernhard: The Interview

The revered and irreverent Sandra Bernhard and her band present her new show, ‘I Love Being Me, Don’t You?!’ at The Stadium Theatre in Rhode Island, and for the occasion she spills the beans in GET magazine, saying how much she enjoys the attention.

GET: What can our readers expect when they see your new show at the Stadium Theater?

Sandra: drama, rock and roll, cabaret, burlesque, theatre, cutting-edge commentary, a fabulous band, magic, love, and honesty

GET: All our readers agree your routines are very, very funny. Were you born funny, did you learn to be funny, or were you forced to be funny?

Sandra: I relied heavily on funny being the youngest child with four older brothers. i loved the response and attention. i have always been a natural

GET: You are currently touring with a four-piece rock band. From your early shows with a boom box to singing Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds” to David Letterman, music has always been an important part of your act. Who are your most important musical influences?

Sandra: burt bacharach, the rolling stones, stevie nicks, joni mitchell, carol king, laura gyro, nina simone, linda rondstat, streisand, dusty springfield, mamas and papas. this is a little slice of the massive musical pie.

GET: I love Shogun Assassin. Sandra, how did you land a role in a blood spattered samurai picture?

Sandra: it was a voice over job, one of those random moments in show biz.

GET: Gay and lesbian characters are exploding across the small screen in numerous sitcoms. Do you think this is presenting the GLBT community as just something to laugh at or a genuine breakthrough?

Sandra: it’s a good sign that we are becoming part of the american quilt. we only hope the writing is decent, for everyone, straight and gay.

Read the full interview on GET

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