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Same-sex Adoption? Still a No-go in Israel

Haim Abraham, an attorney and doctoral student in law at the University of Toronto, says that there’s no reason to celebrate: The Social Affairs Ministry’s ‘new’ position on this issue is ‘Yes, but’ – the same old ‘No’ in disguise

The social networks of Israel’s LGBT community celebrated a victory last week when the Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry told the High Court of Justice that it doesn’t object to adoption by same-sex couples. It was a celebration of a social protest that ostensibly brought about a change in the position of professionals and politicians on this issue. But the community was celebrating a false victory.

The ministry’s previous position on the petition in question had been a clear, unequivocal “No.” Its new position is “Yes, but” – that is, we will allow same-sex parents to adopt children, but only after the existing legislation is amended. The ministry still objects to any change imposed by the court, and in effect continues to argue that there’s nothing wrong with its current approach, according to which there is a ranking for parents who wish to adopt: straights on top, non-straights on the bottom.

The meaning of “Yes, but,” is simply “No” in disguise. Continue reading on Haaretz