Rona Kenan


Rona Kenan is a singer-song-writer and guitarist whose dark velvety voice, biting lyrics and striking presence have set the bar on what it means to be a female performer in Israel.

She made her debut as a song-writer and performer at the age of 18, when she collaborated with musician Eran Tzur on a tribute album to poetess Yona Vollach. Two years later, she formed her first band and began performing in Tel-Aviv, where her hybrid mesh of old Russian folk and luminous Israeli poetry, cabaret sound and soulful performance drew a rapidly expanding cult following.

In 2004 she released her debut album, “Breathing down to Zero”, hailed by critics as the best Hebrew album of the year. (quote) The album was produced by legendary Israeli producer/musician Izhar Ashdot, with whom she began collaborating some years earlier and under whose tutelage she remained since. She became the first artist to be signed onto his label, Izhar Ashdot Music.

Throughout the years Rona took part in numerous musical and literary projects and wrote music for film and theater, including the award winning documentary “The Cemetery Club,” and since 2005 she became a chosen artist of Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation – IcExcellence. Her second Album, “Through Foreign Eyes”, was released in 2007 to rave reviews and sold nearly 10,000 copies in four months.

Rona is currently on tour in Israel with her band, writing for and performing with renowned Israeli musicians such as Gidi Gov and Yehudit Ravitz and working on her third album.




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