Roberta Kaplan’s Book Celebrated

Larry Kramer, Edie Windsor, and Roberta Kaplan, three of the heroes of the ongoing struggle for LGBT equality, gathered in New York City’s historic LGBT Community Center last night to celebrate the release of Kaplan’s upcoming book, Then Comes Marriage: The United States v. Windsor and the Fall of DOMA.


The memoir, which hits shelves October 5, weaves the personal and legal stories behind the landmark decision in United States v. Windsor, which saw the Supreme Court strike down Article 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, extending federal recognition of legally performed same-sex marriages.

It was a joyous night, with a large crowd gathering to celebrate both the book’s release and Kaplan’s birthday. There was also a very tangible sense of history, with veteran AIDS activist Kramer introducing Windsor, who in turn introduced Kaplan. The party was held in The Center’s third floor auditorium, the same room that Kaplan and Edie held their very first press conference about the case, just two floors above the room where Kramer helped found ACT UP.

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