Reviews on Niv and Oren’s new show are coming in!

Niv and Oren’s new work for four dancers – “Cowboy” – premiered in the end of August in Tel Aviv, and received spectacular reactions from both the audience and the critics.


From the critics:

“Sheinfeld & Laor’s new work is bold, outspoken and full of tenderness, with intriguing political overtones (think Wild West and see where that leads you)… Provocative, theatrical, and wonderfully performed, ‘Cowboy’ does not promote slogans, easy answers, or any answers at all. It explores the power of the gaze, the ambiguity of touch, and the elusive question of identity with beauty, intelligence and humor. An emotionally charged, and very entertaining evening”. (Ayelet Dekel, “Midnight East”)

“The fusion of the personal with the political is accomplished when two dancers, in their underwear, create the Israeli flag as the audience listens to Bedrich Smetana’s ‘Die Moldau’. Die Moldau was the inspiration (to put it mildly!) for our national anthem… What begins as a light country line-dance, evolves into something dark, erotic, and immersed in
Go see it, it will stay with you after you leave the theatre”. (Yael Efrati, “Time Out”)

“Impressive and bold – ‘Cowboy’ presents an ambivalent attitude to the male body… It deals with gender, nationalism, and the disappearance of the personal voice, but it does it with a humoristic approach, and with powerful images”. (Ruth Eshel, “Ha’aretz”)

We hope to meet you this December at the International Exposure festival in Suzanne Dellal, and to show you Niv & Oren’s work.

Next month, Niv & Oren will tour to Madrid with their trio “Ship of Fools”, and to Chicago with their duet “Two Room Apartment”. Here is the tour schedule:

Madrid – Ship of Fools – Danzamos festival – October 2+3

Chicago – Two Room Apartment + Vanishing Point (new work for SPDW) –  Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) – October 22-25