Report: Gay Men Will Donate Blood

The following is a transcript of an exclusive news report from Israeli Channel 2 News on the latest decision of the Ministry of Health to allow gay people to donate blood. Click on the photo to watch the original report (in Hebrew):

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Yonit Levi: Last week we reported that soon the ban by the Ministry of Health on Ethiopian people donating blood in Israel will overturn. We go to you, our health correspondent Yoav Even, and you’re reporting tonight on another dramatic decision by the Ministry of Health on the matter.

Yoav Even: That’s right. Very soon the Ministry of Health is expected to allow homosexual men to donate blood, and this is after it was strictly forbidden, due to the fear of HIV infection, the virus that causes AIDS.
According to the Ministry of Health, gay men as a community are considered at high risk of being infected with HIV and AIDS.

A similar decision was accepted in the UK three years ago and caused headlines all over the world.

Through the years, the LGBT community has been criticizing the Health Ministry in this matter. The community has claimed that this is, medically, an irrelevant ban, and even worse than that, this is humiliating primitive homophobic discrimination, and it looks like there’s truth in what they’re saying, because it’s a fact that other countries have decided to overturn this ban: the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Japan and Sweden.

This is a worthy cause and let’s hope that it will also soon happen in Israel.

Yonit Levi: We’re now in the 21st Century, thank you Yoav.