Religious LGBT Jews come out online

Dozens of religiously-observant LGBT Jews have revealed their identities online, along with their sexual orientation, publishing their names and photos in a first-of-its kind campaign.


Dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender religious Jews have revealed their identities and sexual orientation online, publishing their names and photos in a first-of-its kind campaign.

Titled “Our Faces,” the campaign is the work of Bat Kol, an organization of religious gay women, and Havruta, the men’s equivalent, in cooperation with religious groups at the IGY (Israeli Gay Youth) NGO.

The groups published the details of 44 members of the religious LGBT community. For some of them, this initiative marks their first public coming-out.

The campaign was preceded by a message to religious newspapers with a list of the participants’ names. Now they are taking an additional step – being photographed and saying which religious schools they went to, in addition to stating their current relationship and family status.

“There is someone to talk to. You have friends who are like you,” the two organizations wrote on their websites and Facebook pages.

“We, gays and lesbians who grew up in religious and ultra-Orthodox homes, know the feelings of loneliness, the alienation, the suffocation. We know the period of discovery and realization that we are a little different from others,” the organizations’ statement continued.

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