Rainbow Jews

RainbowJews-Featured-1Rainbow Jews is a pioneering project that records and showcases Jewish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history from the 1950s to today. For the first time in British history, it captures the voices and experiences of Jewish LGBT people in the UK through oral histories and archive creation.

Since 2012, this volunteer-led initiative has amassed more than 40 personal testimonies from LGBTQI Jews and allies in Britain. The stories of love and loss, struggles and victories, form the core of the archive. Among them the pioneers: the first rabbis to come out, the people who struggled against prejudice and rejection in the 1980s AIDS crisis and the founders of the first LGBT-friendly synagogue. The Rainbow Jews collection, including documents and a digitised oral history, is held at the London Metropolitan Archives. A unique travelling exhibition was also created and launched at the London School of Economics for LGBT History Month 2014.

Rainbow Jews is hosted by the UK charity Liberal Judaism and was supported by the Lottery Heritage Fund until August 2014.
The project now relies completely on donations and community support. Please contact the Rainbow Jews team via www.rainbowjews.com to find out more and how you can support this ground-breaking initiative.

“Rainbow Jews doesn’t just reflect British LGBT history, it reflects the story of the Jews: we’ve heard stories going back even further than the Holocaust, from diaspora across the continents. Identities are multifaceted, and this project shows the interconnection between faith identity and other identities. Our collective memory needs to be preserved. We have to make sure our history will not become our past!’’ (Surat Knan, founder)


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