Rafi Peretz (Painter)

Raffi Peretz is an Israeli painter known especially for his work describing LGBT life. Peretz was born in Jerusalem and studied art at the College of Visual Arts in Beer Sheva. In 1995 he moved to Tel Aviv and began to focus his work on describing LGBT life. He paints portraits of male nudity, same-sex couples, portraits of prominent figures from the Israeli LGBT community, pride parades, young men and women soldiers, and some heterosexual couples. Petty soon he’d turned into one of the major Israeli artists who produce homosexual content.

Peretz’s works were shown at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art exhibition, organized by famous Israeli curator Tali Tamir. Solo exhibitions of his work were in the Janco Dada Museum and the Zaritsky Artist House. He also participated in numerous group exhibitions, and in addition to his personal creations Peretz founded a virtual Project of LGBT-Israeli art, designed to help LGBT Israeli artists to gain international exposure.




“Every Day Presents its Own Struggle” (Kan Ovdim BeKeif Blog / February 18, 2014)