Rabbi Repeats ‘Perverts’ Slur

Rabbi Yigal Levenstein is known for making previous homophobic comments in the past, targeting the LGBT community in Israel.

Rabbi Yigal Levenstein , head of the pre-military academy in Eli, has caused controversy once gain by referring to homosexuals as “perverts.”

During a lesson he gave in the academy several days ago, Levenstein denounced an incident he described in which he claimed a former student told him that a gay couple had been educators in an IDF course on Judasim, Channel 2 reported.

“Perverts are teaching Judaism,” said Levenstein. The rabbi made similar comments earlier this year, after which the IDF demanded he issue a letter of clarification.

Levenstein, who referred the gay community as ‘perverts’ earlier this year and was condemned for it,   said his comments were “misinterpreted” but did not apologize or retract them.

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