Proud to Be Transgender in the Army

In a very revealing post on Facebook on February 18, combat soldier Liam Rubin comes out as FTM transgender. “Today there are around 60 transgender people in the IDF, and this number will continue growing!” he says.


Rubin published his post on popular Facebook page ‘Soldiers Tweet,’ attaching a couple of photos. “During my military service I realized a lot about myself and how I denied who I really am, and so I came out as transgender”.

“I started the sex change process while in the army, which means taking hormones and going to many doctors. What was the most amazing to me is that the army allowed me to do that and stay a combat soldier in my battalion!”

“The soldiers around me and the officers welcomed me in an amazing way, but, when I applied for the Medical Corps to do surgery to remove the breasts- I was denied,” Liam reveals. ” It wasn’t because my timing wasn’t good, it’s just that the words “sex change” stressed the higher levels.”

Liam, who currently serves as a guide and mentor for transgender people in the army, didn’t give up and submitted an appeal against the medical corps. “A month later they called me from the soldiers Ombudsman’s office: ‘Good news, the appeal was approved and the medical corps will change the procedure for transgender surgeries.”

“I am a proud transgender and even more proud to serve in this army, and I will continue to fight to raise awareness to the community and its difficulties,” Liam concluded.