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Prime Minister, Disavow Racism and LGBTQ Hatred

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent announcement of his Likud Party’s pact with Otzma Yehudit, a racist and ultranationalist party, and Bayit Yehudi, a far-right party led by self-described “proud homophobe” Bezalel Smotrich, threatens Israel’s LGBTQ community and the country’s future as a Jewish and Democratic state.

A Wider Bridge calls on Prime Minister Netanyahu to put the future of Israel and the Jewish people ahead of political expediency by ending this relationship, effective immediately.

In the words of Executive Director Tyler Gregory, “The Prime Minister’s announcement puts LGBTQ Israelis directly in harm’s way, and undermines good faith efforts to build bridges between the American Jewish community and Israelis, trust between Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinians, and raises serious questions about the Prime Minister’s commitment to Israel’s democracy and civil liberties.”