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President Rivlin Meets LGBT People Who Serve in Police and Military

Members of the LGBT community who are serving in the regular and reserve army, arrived Thursday to meet with President Reuven Rivlin, to talk about the military services and their unique service points of view.

“My dears, this meeting is very important and significant for me,” said the President. “We can hold a different world view regarding many subjects, we love differently, we live our lives differently, but one thing is common to all of us and it’s great love for the army and the defense forces.”

“The IDF is an island of sanity is many respects”, said one of the officers who attended the meeting and shared with the President the difficulties and challenges in his service so far. “We feel that special training for commanders who meet different types of members of the community can bring about a real change in the treatment of LGBT recruits.”

Among those who took part in the meeting were Efrat Tilma, a volunteer police office at center 100, Omer Nahmany, chairman of ‘Pride Blue and White’, Mickey Gitzin, CEO of the Free Israel Movement, and Anat Nir, board member of the Aguda.