Poll Finds 60% of Israelis Support Same-Sex Adoptions

Study follows public outcry and protests over state’s response to High Court saying it would not allow same-sex couples to adopt; poll also finds 74% think main criterion for adoption should be child’s best interests, rather than type of family seeking to adopt.

Rally to support LGBTQ Adoption was held in Tel Aviv in July (Photo by Galit Sabag)

Sixty percent of Israelis support allowing same-sex couples to adopt children, according to a poll conducted at the request of the Labor and Welfare Ministry.

The poll also found 74 percent of respondents thought the main criterion for adoption should be the child’s best interests, while only 22 percent said the main criterion should be the type of family seeking to adopt.

In addition, 63 percent thought there is no connection between the kind of adoptive family and its ability to provide children with love and acceptance, good education, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence. Only 33 percent said a straight couple could give children more than same-sex couples.

The LGBT community was not surprised by the results of the poll. “It’s a shame the Welfare Ministry had to conduct a study to learn what has already been well known for years,” said Oded Frid, the head of the LGBT Policy Forum.

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