Police in Jerusalem Prepare for Annual Gay Pride Parade

The Jerusalem District Police will be on high-alert on Thursday during the gay pride parade in the city. About a hundred right-wing activists are expected to hold a protest against same sex couple adoptions near the parade. Officers will separate the marchers and protesters.

Jerusalem police officers mapped out the route of the parade and even visited the homes and apartments along the route in order to inform the residents about what is expected on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Israel Police has approved the right-wing Lehava group’s request to conduct a protest against same sex couple adoptions near the parade.

The theme of this year’s pride parade will be LGBT & Religion, to show visibility of people who keep both their religion and their sexual orientation. The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, which is organizing the parade, said that even though the official estimate for Thursday’s event is 4,000, the actual turnout is expected to be much higher. However, the number of marchers this year’s parade is not expected to exceed the 2016 turnout of almost 30,000 participants. Read more on Jerusalem Online

Police Okay Anti-Gay Protest During Jerusalem Pride March

Police will allow for 100 ultra-nationalist Lehava members to stage the protest, several hundred meters away from the marchers and under heavy guard from police officers. Read more in The Times of Israel