Photo Blog: 2017 LGBTQ Leadership Mission to Israel, Day One

Shalom and welcome to Israel! Our 7th annual LGBTQ Leadership Mission to Israel officially kicked off today, with 30 LGBTQ leaders from all across the USA, who are going to travel and learn about LGBTQ Israel in the next 10 days. Five pictures = 5,000 words! Photo blog:

Welcome! James Moon, the recent member to join our Board of Directors, with husband Robbie, on his first official trip with us.

Semi-group shot on the way from the airport: H. Alan Scott (in the back) with Jennifer and Tori in the front. Who’s driving?

The afternoon started with everybody being a little jet lagged (14.5 hours flight from the West Coast!), arrived at our hotel for an official first meeting of the group and the staff of A Wider Bridge. Then we continued to an opening dinner with our friends at the Aguda – Israel LGBTQ Task Force– AWB’s most important partner advancing equality in Israel. Chairwoman Chen Arieli and CEO Ohad Hizki joined us to share the important work of the Aguda and give us an overview of the Israeli LGBTQ experience.

Despite the jet lag, Tony and Yonel went out and about in Tel Aviv, and even managed to grab a cold Israeli Goldstar beer.

The boys are here! (At Cafe Mersand, Frishman St 18, Tel Aviv)

A room with a view: Cindy‘s room overlooks Tel Aviv’s beautiful beach