Finding my modern meaning of Passover

Over the last month, I have been flooded with warm wishes by the A Wider Bridge community. I thank each and every one of you for making me feel at home.

This Passover, I am reflecting on another homecoming. In June, I will travel to Israel for the first time in a decade with AWB’s Leadership Mission. I look forward to exploring the Jewish state through an LGBTQ lens with leaders and influencers from our communities.

This experience will surely cement my identity as a proud, pro-Israel, gay Jew. These identities are inextricably linked: each community working diligently to ensure our visibility, to continue our advances towards equality, and to support a strong, democratic Israel. We find these same themes in the Passover story – the struggle for liberation, for equal treatment in society, and for finding our way home.

I am proud to help make this important work a reality. And as your new Director of Development, it is my job to ensure A Wider Bridge has the resources to bring LGBTQ leaders to Israel, engage with our alumni after their transformative experiences abroad, and fund the important work of our LGBTQ Israeli grantees.

I ask you to please consider making a special gift today in honor of Passover and our collective endeavor for equality. We can only do this with your partnership. I ask you to join us by increasing or renewing your support today.

Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Passover, and Happy Easter,

— Daniel

Daniel R. Reinglass
Director of Development, A Wider Bridge