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Passage of Anti-LGBTQ Surrogacy Bill in Israel Part of a Worrying Trend 

Contact: Ronit Bezalel, Communications Director, ronit@awiderbridge.org, 1-866-288-5774 x6

NEW YORK — A Wider Bridge, the North American organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ communities in Israel expressed disappointment in Knesset’s actions to pass a law today preventing access to surrogacy in Israel for gay couples and single men. Under the law as it stands, gay couples and single men face up to three years in prison if they attempt to pursue surrogacy within Israel.

In a statement, Tyler Gregory, Executive Director of A Wider Bridge, reflected on the worrisome development, and expressed optimism about the future for LGBTQ Israelis despite the legislative setback:

“LGBTQ people in Israel face mounting odds, something made clearer after the Knesset’s passage of the discriminatory legislation last night, despite fierce opposition from Israel’s LGBTQ communities and allies, and words of support from the prime minister. The ability of the ultra-orthodox parties within the government to force a vote on anti-gay legislation is yet another instance of the Israeli government highlighting its support of LGBTQ rights abroad while harming LGBTQ people at home by prioritizing coalition politics over people’s lives.”

“While we are not an Israeli organization, we believe that rights aren’t dictated by zip code or borders. That’s why we invest in – and will continue to invest in — NGOs in Israel, such as the Aguda – Israel’s LGBTQ National Task Force – which led the campaign against the legislation, through our AWB Impact Grants, building capacity to foster lasting social change. As a newlywed likely to pursue surrogacy with my husband someday, I’m taking this news personally, and I hope our supporters will too. We may have lost last night, but the struggle to build a stronger, more inclusive Israel is far from over.”

A Wider Bridge (AWB) is the North American LGBTQ organization (501c3) building a movement of LGBTQ people and allies with a strong interest in and commitment to supporting Israel and its LGBTQ community