Miami: Panel Discussion on Pinkwashing and Anti-Semitism

A Wider Bridge Mission Alumni Tony Lima and Cindy Brown, in partnership with SAVE and Lambda Living, have created an upcoming community conversation on Pinkwashing and Anti-Semitism.

Sunday October 1, 2017
CIC Miami (SAVE Offices)
1951 Northwest 7th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136

Tony Lima and his husband Yonel in Israel during the A Wider Bridge Mission 2017

In the LGBTQ community and other social justice circles in the United States, Israel’s LGBTQ experience and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have become major flash points and sources of conflict within our community.  A Wider Bridge’s Tyler Gregory and Laurie Grauer will be a part of a panel discussion exploring these issues.

Questions to be addressed include, how does the nature of this debate impact activism of Israelis, Palestinians, and all of us in United States?

How can our community work to de-politicize the debate and be as inclusive as possible?

Cindy Brown took part in the A Wider Bridge Mission 2017 because she wanted to see the Israeli way of life and expand her perspective. “I want to see the West Bank and the refugee camps and how Israel is dealing with the Syrian Refugee crisis. I want to be able to come back and honestly reflect to my community the realities of life in an area that has been longing for peace for so long.”

Reflecting on his A Wider Bridge Mission 2017, Tony Lima notes that “I’ll never forget starting our day off with a security briefing near the Syrian border and then taking a jeep ride closer to the border noticing the menacing landmine signs. We could also see the smoke piles in the distance in Syria, a sobering reminder that there’s a terrible civil war so close to us.”

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