“Out Traveler” LOVES Tel Aviv

Popular LGBT travel magazine Out Traveler published its recommendation for top five LGBT-Friendly Destinations to Visit in the Middle East – and placed Tel Aviv in the #1 spot.

Gay tourists in Tel Aviv

“Tel Aviv has become one of the hottest LGBT destinations in the Middle East, boasting a huge Pride celebration that draws hundreds of thousands of participants,” the magazine wrote.

Following Tel Aviv (in running order) are Cyprus, Istanbul, Amman and Lebanon.

Tel Aviv is very often mentioned as an LGBT-friendly travel destinations lists. Only last week “the city that never sleeps” was selected by Tourism-Review.com among the top 5 LGBT tourism destinations in the world. CNN has dubbed the city as a “gay honeymoon hotspot.” Dane Steele Green – President and CEO of Steele Luxury Travel said that for gay tourists- Tel Aviv is a must – and these are only a few.