Out in the Dark: Israeli feature wins First Feature Award at Frameline International LGBT Film Festival!

“Out in the Dark,” the Israeli feature film introduced to Frameline, the LGBT Film Festival, by the Israel Center (and co-sponsored by the Israel Center & A Wider Bridge), won First Feature Award at the festival, it was announced today.

The movie, about a challenging love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian, was screened on Friday to a packed house (close to 1,500) at the Castro Theater, and by the standing ovation it was already quite clear it could be a winner.

Luckily, Out in the Dark will be screened again soon, at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Los Angeles’ OutFest will also screen the film on July 21 at 2:45pm at DGA (Directors Duild of America, 7920 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood)

This is the second year in a row that an Israeli film wins 1st prize at Frameline (last year it was Yariv Mozer’s excellent documentary “The Invisible Men”). In both cases it was the Israel Center that introduced the films to the Festival, and later sponsored them.

These wins overshadow the pro-BDS anti-Israel demonstrations that try, in vain, to dissuade Frameline from accepting co-sponsorship from the Israeli Consulate. Instead, the flourishing LGBT creativity that comes out of Israel and the true struggle for LGBT equality and acceptance in Israeli society is applauded.

“Out in the Dark” was screened on Friday at Frameline, followed by A Wider Bridge’s reception to Yair Hochner, artistic director of the Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival, to which he has arrived with Michael Mayer, the director of “Out in the Dark”. Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page

2 thoughts on “Out in the Dark: Israeli feature wins First Feature Award at Frameline International LGBT Film Festival!

  1. I’m from Israel and I rarely like any of the movies they make here, but this one blew me away. It is beautiful, moving, and compelling.
    The romance is unusually tender and tugs on your heartstrings from the beginning. The treatment of the subject matter is careful not to take sides (which many films of this ilk are guilty of), or let the focus stray from the love story at the center in favor of political themes. And *mild SPOILER – skip to the next paragraph if you must) the ambiguous note it ends on is a very wise choice – the script opted for neither the full-blown tragedy we often seen in gay-themed movies nor an unrealistic (under the circumstances) happy ending.
    The acting is also excellent, especially from talented and charismatic lead Nicholas Jacob, and the cinematography, score etc. are all well done.
    I highly recommend “Out in the Dark”, to everyone. While it hit home for me especially because I’m a gay guy, like the protagonists, I believe anyone would enjoy it for the universal theme of forbidden love trying to survive in an environment filled with hate. It is a love story (and a very touching one at that) first, and a “gay” story second. When I walked out of the theater, I was emotionally overwhelmed, in a good way.

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