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LGBTQ Leadership Missions to Israel

A Wider Bridge engages LGBTQ leaders in politics, entertainment, government, and advocacy to participate in 10-day missions to Israel to experience the country through an LGBTQ lens. Mission participants are exposed to Jewish peoplehood, Israel, and LGBTQ Israelis, and develop a stake in the future of Israel and its LGBTQ community. Our Mission Alumni return home to their LGBTQ communities as character witnesses, advocates, and philanthropists for A Wider Bridge, Israel, and LGBTQ Israelis.

Through shared experience, the trip connects modern Israeli and LGBTQ life with the ancient roots of its people. Our 10-night journey takes us to Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Galilee, and Tel Aviv. The Israel Mission is also an opportunity for leaders to connect and bond with an accomplished and diverse group of LGBTQ leaders from all backgrounds across North America.

Participants are acquainted with the leadership of Israel’s most significant LGBTQ organizations, each at the forefront of change in Israeli society. We meet leading Israeli LGBTQ figures from all walks of life – religious and secular – from politics, activism, culture, music, film and much more.

Participants also meet organizations and people building the future of modern Israel – those fueling the country’s growth as a diverse and urban high-tech and research powerhouse, as well as those working to address the country’s many domestic and foreign challenges and contradictions. And no LGBTQ mission would be complete without savoring the culture and nightlife of Tel Aviv, consistently rated one of the leading LGBTQ cities of the world!