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Oshrie: Accidental Drag Queen

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Arie Oshrie was one of the first drag queens in Israel to sing live on stage. After many stints living around the world, night owl Oshrie is redefining what it means to be a drag queen all over Berlin.


A new interview with Oshrie finds out just how he got to where he is today.

BM: Tell us about what you do, you’re a drag queen who also sings live and a host?

A: Well, I’ve been working with Revolver for almost a year now. The first parties I was performing and then because not every time a performance was suitable to the theme of the party, they asked me to stay as part of the team and offered me to be a host because I absolutely love night life.

BM: Where about in Israel are you from?

A: I was born and raised in Tel Aviv but I’ve also lived in London, when I was 19 I lived in Germany for a year but in the Ruhrgebiet area and I lived in New York for four years.

BM: And always working as an entertainer…

A: As an entertainer, singer and host. I did anything with nightlife because I love it, I even used to work on the door many times. I first started as a performer in Tel Aviv, when I was much younger. I started as a club kid and you know everyone knew me and everyone always had this energy about me, so when I come out to a party I brought all this energy and joy and laughter. After a while people started asking me to work for the parties and that’s basically how I started, but I only started working as a drag queen when I came back to Israel after New York.

BM: Is Arie your stage name?

A: No it’s my real name, my last name is Oshrie and most people know me as Oshrie, so Oshrie was basically my stage name and here because of Facebook everyone puts my first name as well which is not [pronounced like] Arie – but Ar-ea – which means lion.

BM: How is your act for people who don’t know it?

A: I sing. I have some of my own tunes but I sing a lot of covers that I revamp and make more dancey and more suitable to parties. At least once a month I perform at Chantals House of Shame. Chantal was my first gig in Berlin.

BM: And why Berlin?

A: The thing is that I came to Berlin first in 2012, on vacation with a friend for my birthday and I’ve known Gloria Viagra for years – we met in Tel Aviv and she said “girl whenever you’re in Berlin let me know and I can hook you up with some gigs” and then I came to Berlin and she hooked me up with Chantal who I’d also met in Tel Aviv.

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