Only Tel Aviv Seriously Funds Gay Youth NGO

On LGBT Rights Day, Israeli Gay Youth leader revealed to lawmakers that in nearly three out of four cities where it operates, group gets nothing at all.

השינשינים המהממים של איגי ביום זכויות הקהילה הגאה השני בכנסת ?

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IGY’s volunteers at the Knesset on LGBT Rights Day 2017

Only 10 cities fund activities by Israel’s gay youth association, even though the organization is active in 34 cities, according to data presented on Tuesday to a Knesset committee, which marked LGBT Rights Day.

Tel Aviv, the largest municipal contributor, gave 250,000 shekels ($67,000) to Israeli Gay Youth. But the second-place contributor, Herzliya, gave it only 15,000 shekels, while the other eight towns contributed only a few thousand shekels each.
Several towns rejected IGY’s funding requests altogether. In other towns, IGY didn’t even bother applying, since it knew it didn’t meet the funding criteria.

“In many cases, the criteria are formulated in such a way as to fit only very specific things,” IGY’s outgoing director, Mandy Michaeli, told the Knesset’s Special Committee for the Transparency and Accessibility of Government Information.

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