Online LGBTphobia Presented in the Knesset

Oded Frid, CEO of the Aguda, presented online LGBTphobia figures in discussions with the Education Committee in the Knesset


In the last week alone 1726 LGBTphobic Posts were identified on the various social media networks in Israel.

31% of the calls to the Nir Katz Center, which fights LGBTphobia, are complaints of violations by media and virtual space.

These figures, and many others, were presented yesterday by Oded Frid, CEO of the Aguda in discussions with the Education Committee and the Science and Technology Committee in the Knesset as part of a special day to eradicate violent discourse in virtual space, initiated by MK Revital Swid.

“The violent bullying discourse against the LGBT community on cyberspace and social networks require preparation and allocation of resources by the authorities to tackle the problem,” said Frid. “I hope that the discussions this morning in the Knesset, and the meetings with the enforcement sources and other organizations involved in the matter, will constitute the beginning of cooperation and important steps for reducing and eradicating violence on the web in general and against the LGBT community in particular.”