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On Pride Week, The Knesset Rejects Marriage Equality Bill

On Pride Week, the Israeli Knesset rejected the bill for marriage equality (or in its formal name, Brit Hazugiut, Companionship Alliance, Civil Marriage) proposed by MK Stav Shafir. 41 voted against it, 38 voted in favor. Leaders in the LGBTQ community are outraged.

Outspoken journalist Gal Uchovsky published a full list of Knesset Members who voted against the bill, and the list of members who didn’t vote – or as he called them, ‘those who ran out of the Knesset hall when the voting started.’

“If the coalition had 2-3 brave people it could have been a historic moment. But they didn’t have the courage,” wrote Uchovsky. “Those who didn’t vote in favor, please don’t show yourself at the Pride parade this year, we don’t want to see you. Get lost!”

Uchovsky also stated to be fair, that MK Amir Ohana did not attend the voting because he was out of the country, on a planned trip to Paris. “He truly didn’t run away from this,” Uchovsky said.

“It’s time to block the Knesset Members who do not support the legislative efforts for the LGBTQ community from every public stage, to throw them out when they dare to come to pride events and falsely claim that they support us only to get a cheap press coverage,” wrote Noam Harel, former Chair at the National LGBT Equal Rights Campaign of The Aguda.

Among the names of those who did not vote were Merav Ben Ari and Michal Rozin, both worked in the past to help the LGBT community, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We need to remember who cooperates in the moment of truth; who made an effort, and who is simply our enemy,” concluded Gal.

The Civil Marriage bill was voted off in the Knesset five times before: In 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. “If only two(1) MKs voted like they had promised me, we would’ve made history today,” wrote MK Stav Shaffir on her Facebook page yesterday, “shame on you.”